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Quick Tips for School Tennis: Play Breakfast at Tennis!

October 4, 2011 01:05 PM
Follow some of these great quick tips for tennis in schools to make the day fun!
Skill: To teach kindergarten and first grade children how to hold a tennis racquet and control a ball.

Description of Activity: When I first introduce the racquets I give each racquet a name. I get the children to introduce themselves politely and shake hands with the racquet. From there I tell them that I was in a rush this morning and that I did not have time for breakfast and that everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I tell them that I love fried eggs and that they need to cook me eggs on the frying pan. I get them to hold a sponge ball in one hand pretend to crack the egg (ball) on the side of the racquet (frying pan) and then they have to place the egg in the middle of the racquet. I tell them any egg sitting still will burn so they have to move it around on the frying pan without dropping my breakfast on the floor. They have a great time with this. We yell out: "Breakfast on the floor!" if they drop the egg and they have to start cooking again. Anyone who keeps it moving around for a while, I go and eat the egg! I end up eating a lot of eggs! We then progress to pancakes!

Resources Used: One 21" racquet and one foam ball for each child in the class.

Paul’s Special Tip to the Teacher: Keep it fun and don’t allow negative comments. We all succeed at different rates! Quiet, reassuring coaching to those who are struggling works best!

Contact information

Name:  Paul Janaway; Henry Barnard School; Phys Ed
City: Providence
State: Rhode Island
Zip: 02908
Phone #: 401-456-8621
Email address: pjanaway@ric.edu


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