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Player to Player: Wrist Control

Have a question? Receive advice from your fellow tennis players!
Real Tennis Players - Like You! - Asking For and Offering Advice on the Sport They Love 
Player to Player is USTA.com’s regular feature in which everyday tennis players are given a forum to ask advice on the sport they love – and their fellow players will dish out advice. We’ll post a number of the best responses we receive to our question of the week.
This week's question from Lauren: In regards to the service return, I struggle with quick grip adjustments. I start with a semi-western forehand grip, can easily adjust to a backhand slice return, but struggle adjusting to a flat or topspin backhand grip. (I use a one-handed backhand.) Any match tips or practice tips to help me overcome this?
Do you have any advice for Lauren or a question of your own? Please share your thoughts by e-mailing Player@usta.com, and include your name and hometown for a chance to receive advice from your fellow players!
Last week's question from Brian: I've only been playing tennis since this year. I'm ambidextrous, and although I am able to use both hands easily while playing, I cannot serve with my right hand, as I am a natural lefty. The only thing is, I can't serve from the right side of the court without it being out. Any tips for wrist control?
From Bill C.: I play right and serve left (because, like you, I throw left). It's a natural advantage because at the end of our serve follow-through, we switch hands as we charge the net, and we are ready for an offensive forehand (instead of recoiled in a backhand position). And, yes, turn your shoulders. Ad court takes a while but it's offset by the natural lefty advantage of deuce serving: hitting the line down the middle of the court to righty's backhand.
From Lawrence D.: PRACTICE. Practice makes perfect. Get a ball basket out, start serving, pick your spots on the court and hit first and second serves. Try kick serves and flat serves - you will get it. Have fun!!!

From Juan D.: Visualize you are always on your "good side."
From Kasha P: Try some wrist stability warmup exercises prior to game time. When off-court, train your lower arm in the motion (slow and focused), which best helps your serve hold the line.
From Lynn R.: As a lefty also, I recommend rotating your shoulders more (a la John McEnroe), so you have more margin to direct it. You can then open or curve your wrist to direct it.


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