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Irina Falconi blogs from Vancouver, BC: Entry No. 4

August 4, 2011 05:11 AM
In her travels north of the border, Irina Falconi has seen many a sight on and off the court.
Rising star Irina Falconi of Atlanta, currently ranked No. 81 in the WTA Rankings, is writing a blog this summer while she is competing in Olympus US Open Series events. Check back often for updates!
Numero 4
The Cactus Club Cafe. This is the spot where the blog will be born from today.

Today's blog is going to be quite exceptional if I do say so myself. Why? Because it's got chock-full of nutty stuff and it will have three days worth of exciting WTA awesomeness.

Monday, I made my legendary breakfast, fresh raspberries and blueberries in the oatmeal, ate in one of the seven outdoor deck options and then had breakfast with several fish, some seals, and two passing cruise ships.

Before I went to the courts, I went in the state-of-the-art gym that is in the Hollyburn Country Club. What I didn't expect was that there was an ice hockey rink - oh wait no, two ice rinks - badminton, fine arts lounge, young lounge, massage spa center, and um, several racquetball courts, and a soccer field. Maybe four. I got lost getting there. I got a nice little hit in the morning, only because I was hitting with a Canadian. Oh yeah, they treasure their players. Which is kind of a big deal.

After a solid hit, got some seriously good lunch, The Fiesta Chicken Salad to be exact. Let me tell you about this salad. It's a party in your mouth. You got the amazing mixed greens that have the ever so amazing spinach leaf in it. Grilled chopped up chicken, ripe avocado, corn, some cilantro, and an amazing vinaigrette that is the perfect ratio to the amount of leaves on the salad. Oh, and don't let me forget the sunflower seeds on the top.

So, Ali and I end up playing some qualifying doubles that don't go as well as planned. But hey, you know what? No biggie, that just means that we can focus on our singles this week. It all works out.

Right before leaving the club, we had some dinner, and went back to the state-of-the-art pad that should be featured on MTV cribs, but wait... we're in Canada. P.S., The fishing was good.

Tuesday came and left rather quickly. No matches on this day which meant just a couple of hits, "maintenance hits," (as we like to call it on the tour) to work out the kinks and all that jazz.

A little early one in the morning, a little tennis watching and lunch and then another short one in the afternoon. People, don't think that just because we're out here playing tournaments every week that we're playing ten hours a day. Because last time I chcked, if you are getting ready for a match, you're not hitting a ridiculous amount the day before the match. But then again, that's just me. Everyone is different. You'll have players that need about 30 minutes the day before the match, and there are other players that will straight up need a whole two hours of tennis the day leading up to their match. As for me? I don't need a whole lot. Everyone's different though!

Oh, and then hump day comes around - Good Wednesday. It was a fun one today. For many reasons. This day is the reason for all the randomsies on this episode of: "Irina's Life on the WTA Tour!"
A note to all of you TV people reading this: It would be an *awesome* reality show. Follow a tennis player around all the time and just record their life and what not. Not just like a one off documentary type deal but a straight-up season! Yeah, that'd be cool. Steven, I'll be waiting for your call for movie possibilities.

So, this morning started off like any other day. Eating breakfast on the porch with a view of the Pacific Ocean. No biggie. Get to the courts with a little help from Eminem, T-Pain, and some Fitty. You know who I'm talking about, right? All of you Atlanta people better know. Since Hotlanta is like the Hip Hop capital of the world and stuff? Ok, glad we're on the same page.

So, before my warm up, I went to the gym. And just like every other morning of my life, I was working out/warming up next to the infamous Jason Bourne. Oh yeah people, Matt Damon was working out right next to us! No big deal. He acknowledged that Jeff and I were a big deal, so the *least* we could do was acknowledge how big of a deal he was. We did the universal nod of acknowledgement, and then went about our businesses. No big deal. If you're about to play a match and you're in the gym working out next to Mr. Bourne, and you're not fired up... thenthere's something wrong with you. I mean, it's like, official.

So yeah, I got my warm up in with my girl Ali, and then the waiting game is there to greet me again. I play second, and of course that means I follow the match that goes 7-6 in the third. No joke. The one guy saved 5 match points and won the match. I don't even know who was playing, but when you are next on, you become very invested in the players that you follow. I get on court at around 1st, and finish around 3ish. I come out victorious which is always positive.

Second round tomorrow against a Canadian. None other than Court 1. That's how Canadians do it. Speaking of Canadians, once we got all of our business taken care of on the court and in the gym, Jeff and I went to dinner with two Canadian National Coaches. Now, now, don't freak out. It was just a friendly dinner. So yeah, how about ending the night with Symphony fireworks? A competition amongst countries and their fireworks. It was obviously in tribute to American tennis success across the board today - On that note, good night y'all!


Steve Johnson

Let's just talk about Steve Johnson for a minute. The reason why we're going to talk about Steve Johnson is because:
A) He's the NCAA champion, and
B) He's awesome.

The definitive Southern California persona. Definitely laid back. Definitely fun. Great sense of humor. Serves 130. If this is the future of American tennis, we're gonna be juuuuuust fine. Oh, and we've just applied for a US Open Mixed Doubles wildcard. Cross your fingers, toes, nubs...etc.


The epitome of Canada. When we were coming back from the club two days ago, we see this guy, with his pooch in the back seat wearing Doggles. I mean, can you get any better than that?

Ferraris and Counting

Ferraris are my favorite car. Just today, I've seen four. Vancouver has cash money if you know what I'm saying.


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