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Halloween Parade Kicks Off 3.0 Senior Nationals

October 28, 2011 12:50 PM
The Southern California women as "The Un-Officials."
The Southern Section women with friends and family.
The New England women dressed as Clam Chowder.
By J. Fred Sidhu, Special to USTA.com

INIDAN WELLS, Calif. – The USTA League 3.0 Senior National Championships got off to a rousing start on Thursday night as the Halloween Parade of Costumes took place during the traditional Player Party at the Miramonte Resort & Spa.
The 3.0 Seniors were certainly in the Halloween spirit as they used their imagination to put together a variety of creative and colorful costumes for the occasion.

 The New England Section 3.0 Senior women’s team from Trumbull, Conn. came dressed as New England Clam Chowder. Each team member wore a shirt that listed one of the ingredients for Clam Chowder. The shirts listed items such as Parsley, Butter, Pepper, Flour, Calms, Onions, Cream and Potato.

The Missouri Valley Section 3.0 Senior women’s team from Tulsa, Okla. dressed as witches, complete with their black hats, while members of the Florida Section team dressed in University of Florida gear and Mickey Mouse hats.
Special prizes were given to "The Hippie Guy" and "The Nerd" of the Northern California men’s team from Gilroy, Calif. They were awarded tennis bags for their humorous costumes. 

The runner-up for the "Best Costume" award went to the Southern California Section 3.0 Senior women from Poway, Calif. as they dressed as the "UnOfficials." Clad in the familiar blue and orange shirts and khaki pants usually worn by USTA officials, the Southern California women had some good-natured fun as they completed their costume with thick, black-rimmed glasses.

The winner of the "Best Costume" award was the Southern Section 3.0 Senior women’s team from Lake Charles, La., which wore authentic Mari Gras costumes and threw bead necklaces to everyone in attendance.
"We are absolutely beyond thrilled that we can take home the costume contest award for the State of Louisiana and all of the Southern Section," said team member Denise Durel. "Mardi Gras is such a huge thing for us in Southwest Louisiana. It was a natural fit."

According to Durel, teammate Geneva Guillory was responsible for putting everything together and getting the costumes. "We need to get a high-five out to Geneva for not only coming up with the idea but getting all of the costumes for everybody," Durel said.

The winners and runners-up were awarded USTA beverage containers. Following the Halloween Parade of Costumes, attendees filled the dance floor on what was a fun-filled evening.
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