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League Mixed Rules 2002/English



1.                   Team - A team shall consist of a minimum of six players (three women, three men) and a maximum of twelve players, eligible to compete at a specific level of competition.


2.                   Age - Each player shall have reached the age of nineteen (fifty for the senior league) prior to or during the calendar year in which such player plays in his/her first local league match.     (A player that is 18 years old will be allowed to play Mixed League if he/she will turn 19 before the 31st of December of that year.)


3.        Entry - Players must be USTA members.  A player without a computer rating must self-rate to enter the program.  A player with a current NTRP computer rating must use that rating to enter the program.  (See Valid Computer Rating Chart).


           Note:  Any player disqualified from the adult or senior division may not play at the disqualified NTRP level of play in the USA League Tennis Mixed Doubles division (an any lower level of play) for the remainder of the league year and for up to five years unless a new NTRP computer rating is generated.  A disqualified player becomes a benchmark.  A player may not be disqualified based on match results from the Mixed Doubles division.


           Note:  Mixed Doubles will not be part of generating a player's year-end rating except for those players who play in the Mixed Doubles Division exclusively.  Players who play exclusively in the Mixed Doubles Division and choose to participate in the Adult and/or Senior Divisions the next year must enter at their Mixed Doubles Division year-end rating or higher.


4.        Levels of Play:


                                   GROUP                        COMBINATION OF CATEGORIES


                                   5.5                                2.5 & 3.0

                                   6.5                                2.5, 3.0 & 3.5

                                   7.5                                3.0, 3.5 & 4.0

                                   8.5                                3.5, 4.0 & 4.5

                                   9.5                                4.0, 4.5 & 5.0

                                   10.5                              4.5, 5.0 & 5.5


4.         Player Registration - Players must register via Tennislink before the deadline established.  No additional players will be accepted after this date.


5.         If there are only two teams in a given category, these teams shall play a double round robin.  The Mixed League Coordinator is authorized to divide the teams as deemed necessary and assign the matches considered necessary for a competitive event.


6.            Encounters - Three mixed doubles shall be played in each encounter. 


            Order of Play:                 1st doubles, 2nd doubles and 3rd doubles


Encounter Expenses - The Home Team will be responsible for providing new balls for each match, water, refreshments and the payment for the use of the facilities.


Courts - Teams should have at least two courts available for the encounters.  If the Home Team captain is going to use more than two courts, he must call the Visiting Team captain 24 hours before the time of the encounter to advise him of this fact.  If this is done, the Visiting Team captain is obliged to accept this arrangement, even if this means that the three matches will be played at the same time


The team captains for each team shall exchange their team match cards simultaneously prior to the beginning of the team match. If the scorecard is not presented at the stipulated time for the match, the Point Penalty System will be enforced.  (See appendix with extract with an of the Point Penalty System).


Umpires - Captains that wish to have an umpire present at a certain encounter should call Eligio Román at 787 720-2718 o 787 637-1068.  The requesting team shall pay this expense.  The requesting captain must advise the other captain that there will be an umpire present at the encounter.


An individual player may play in only one doubles match within each team match.


7.         Scoring and Rest - All matches will be the best of two sets and the set tie-break shall be used at 6-all in each set.  In the event of split sets, a match tie-break shall be played in lieu of a third set with a two minute set break with NO coaching allowed.  (The tie-break shall be scored as 1 set and 1 game for tie-break procedures.)  The team winning the majority of the three individual matches shall be awarded one team point.


            Scoring of Individual forfeits - The forfeit will be scored as a 6-0, 6-0 win for the player (doubles team) receiving the forfeit and a 6-0, 6-0 loss for the player (doubles team) that forfeited the match.  In the event of a forfeit by both opposing players (teams), both sides will be given a 6-0, 6-0 loss and neither receives credit for a win.  If a double default results in a tie, the tie-break shall be the same as in #8 below in order to determine a winner of that team match.


The winning team will call 1-800-990-8782 or connect with the internet, within 72 hours, to inform the scores of the encounter.  Once the winning team has entered the scores, the losing team has 48 hours to confirm them.  The captain that does not comply with this rule could be penalized.  This will be followed very carefully.


Match Suspension - Once a match is suspended from the official schedule (due to rain or any other reason), both team captains must reach an agreement on the time, date and place that the continuation will take place.  THE AGREEMENT MUST BE REACHED THAT SAME DAY.  Both Captains must sign the agreement and fax it within 24 hours of the suspension to Brenda Rivera   It will not be permitted to leave matches pending because, as many captains claim, "It may not be necessary".


Rain Delay - In the case of rain during an encounter, the following rules shall apply:


a.                  During a day match, the waiting time will be two hours.

b.                  During an evening match, the waiting time will be one hour.

c.                  If you are not able to continue play, captains must reach an agreement on a date to continue this encounter.  Both captains shall sign the agreement and the Home Team Captain shall have 24 hours to fax this to the League Coordinator at (787) 982-7783.

If the captains do not reach an agreement on this matter, the Mixed League Coordinator shall schedule the time and day and that shall be the final date.


8.            Procedures in the event of a Tie - The tie shall be broken by the first of the following procedures that does so:


            Individual matches - Winner of the most individual matches in the entire competition.

            Sets - Loser of the fewest number of sets.

            Games - Loser of the fewest number of games.

            Head-to-Head - Winner of the head-to-head match.

            A method to be determined by the USA Mixed League Committee


9.            Championship level:


Sectional Championships - Scorecards must be handed in to the Coordinator half an hour before the time stipulated for the encounter.  If not done, the encounter shall be defaulted in its entirety in favor of the other team.  The Team Captain is responsible for complying with this rule.  A minimum of four team members (two women and two men) must be available and eligible to compete at these Championships.


When the group has only one flight (five or less teams in that category), the team that came in as Number 1 will only have to defeat Team Number 2 once, but the team that came in as Number 2 must defeat Team Number 1 twice in order to be proclaimed as champions of that category.


Trophies - The section will provide 8 trophies per team at these Championships.  If the team is interested in more, they may request these through the League Coordinator, Brenda Rivera.


Sectional/Regional Championships - No individual is eligible to progress to Championship level competition unless he/she has played on that same team in a least two matches during the local season.  A forfeited match shall count as a match played for the player(s) receiving the forfeit, but not for the player(s) who forfeited.  A retired match shall count for all players involved.


            Regional Championships - A minimum of six team members (three men and three women) who were on the final roster of their local league team must be available and eligible to compete


Two teams per category will travel to these Championships.  Teams must be complete in order to compete at these championships.  Player substitutions will not be allowed.


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