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Adult League Regulations/English


1.                   The USTA League Regulations for the current year shall apply. 

2.                   Team.  A team shall consist of a minimum and maximum of players of the same gender, eligible to compete at a specific NTRP level, as follows: 

2.5  and 5.0  - Minimum 5 Maximum 10

3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 - Minimum 8 Maximum 15 

The NTRP classification will be the same for singles or doubles. 

3.                   Team Captains – If a person captains more than one team, he/she must have a representative for every other team at the Captains meeting.  These representatives must  be authorized and will be responsible for doing the itinerary for the other team.

Captains will also be responsible for their players conduct and will be indistinctly sanctioned of participation due to any unacceptable conduct.  Disciplinary measures will be taken according to the magnitude of the act. 

4.                   Eligibility  - Players must be USTA members. 

5.                    Age – Each player shall have reached the age of nineteen years ( adult league) and fifty years (senior league) prior to or during the calendar year in which such player plays in his/her first local league match. 

6.             Entry  

a)                Players entering the USA League Tennis Program are defined as having an NTRP computer rating or as new/returning players without a computer rating.  Once a player is assigned a computer rating derived in accordance with USTA NTRP Computer Methodology Procedures, that computer rating is valid for five years or until another rating is generated.  (See Valid Computer Rating Chart). 

b)                Players who do not have a computer rating (generated within the last two years - 2001-2002) shall self-rate themselves in accordance with the National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) Guidelines and declare their self-rating on Tennislink when entering the program regardless of the NTRP level they are entering.  (See Valid Computer Rating Chart). 

c)                Players who are good athletes or intend to spend a great deal of time taking lessons and practicing should be aware that their improvement may be significant enough to surpass their original self-rating by the time they reach the end of the local league season or championship level.  To avoid NTRP disqualification, these players should enter at a higher level of play at the beginning of the local league season. 

d)                Players with a computer rating must enter at that NTRP level or higher. 

7.             League Ntrp Disqualification And Appeal Procedures

NTRP Disqualification Procedures: During local league competition and at every level of championship competition below national championships, computer ratings will be calculated for all players to determine if any players have reached the disqualification criteria using the USTA NTRP Computer Methodology Procedures. Players will be NTRP disqualified if they reach the disqualification level three times based on all matches reported in the national database for Adult and Senior Divisions. A team captain, league coordinator or member of the championships committee who feels a player is clearly above level may request a Player Review by the appropriate coordinator to determine the NTRP status of the player

Local League NTRP Disqualification. Any player that reaches the NTRP disqualification level three times shall be disqualified and will not progress to championship level of competition. These players will be immediately notified by the administrator and have the right to appeal in accordance with procedures in 3.04B(1) of the USA League Rules.  The match in which the disqualification occurs and any subsequent matches will be awarded to the opposing team.

Players who are NTRP disqualified may be allowed to move up and participate on another team at a higher NTRP level during that same local league season.

NTRP Disqualification during championship competition in single elimination or segment: The section will disqualify players during the championships.  If a player is disqualified during these championships, the last individual match played by the player shall be considered a loss and that individual match shall be considered a win for the opposing player or doubles team.

For more detailed information please refer to the USA League Regulations for the current year. 

7.             Section Champions - Teams participating in national championships must move up one level as a team or disperse to form new teams with the following restriction: 

Adults - 2.5 and 5.0 - No more than two players who were on the final roster at the conclusion of local league play on any single team for the following league year. 

Adults - 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 - No more than three players who were on the final roster at the conclusion of local league play on any single team for the following league year. 

Seniors - No more than three players who were on the final roster at the conclusion of local league play on any single team for the following league year. 

Appeals – Medical Appeals – Medical and NTRP appeals must be in writing, addressed to the League Appeals Committee and sent via mail or fax to the CTA/PRTA office no later than January 31st of the current year for adults and seniors.  Appeals received after this day will not be accepted. 

The decision made by the League Appeals Committee will be sent to the appellant by mail and will be final.  No NTRP Sectional or National rating can be appealed. 

8.             Local Competition: 

a)                Format - Round Robin.  Any NTRP level will be divided into flights and each team shall play every other team in its flight twice; once as home team and once as visiting team.  An NTRP level with only two teams is required to play a minimum of four matches; two as visitors and two as home.  

                2.5 and 5.0 - 1 singles and 2 doubles

3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5 Adult league - 2 singles and 3 doubles

                Senior league - 3 doubles 

                Scoring and Rest - All matches will be the best of three sets, with regular scoring and a set tie-break at 6-all in each set.  In the event of split sets, a match tie-break shall be played in lieu of a third set with the two minute set break with NO coaching allowed.  (The tie-break shall be scored as 1-0).  The scoring in the event of a default, forfeit or disqualification shall be 6-0, 6-0. 

                Team Lineups - The team captains of each team shall exchange their team match cards simultaneously prior to the beginning of the team match.    The point penalty system will be imposed.   (See Appendix with extract of the Point Penalty System.) 

Courts – A minimum of two courts must be available for each encounter.  If the Home Team captain will use more courts for an encounter, he must notify the Visiting Team captain 24 hours in advance of how many courts will be used.  The Visiting Team captain must agree even if this means that the 3 or 5 matches will take place at the same time. 

Order of Strength – This will not be a rule, but it is suggested that players be assigned in the order of strength. 

Reporting of Scores - The winning team will call 1-800-990-8782 or connect with the internet, within 72 hours (after conclusion of the complete encounter), to inform the scores of the encounter.  Once the winning team has entered the scores, the losing team has 48 hours to confirm them.  The captain that does not comply with this rule could be penalized.  This will be followed very carefully. 

Coaching is NOT permitted at any time except if there is a rain delay.

                Encounter expenses - The home team is responsible for all expenses, including providing a new can of balls for each match, court fees, water and refreshments.  No alcoholic beverages will be permitted during the league encounters. 

Match suspension - Once a match is suspended from the official schedule (due to any other reason than rain), both team captains must reach an agreement on the time, date and place that the continuation will take place.  THE AGREEMENT MUST BE REACHED THAT SAME DAY.  Both Captains must sign the agreement and fax it within 24 hours of the suspension to Brenda Rivera.  It will not be permitted to leave matches pending as many captains claim: "If it is necessary". 

Rain Delay – In the event of a rain delay, the following rules shall apply: 

a-                   Only one rain delay per encounter will be allowed.  Example:  An encounter is scheduled for 2:00 PM, play has started and it rains.  The encounter is postponed for two hours.  Play is once again initiated at 4:30 PM but it rains again.  The visiting team is not obligated to wait until the rain stops in order to continue the encounter.  The same will apply for evening play when the waiting time is one (1) hour.  If both captains agree to stay and play, they can do so.

b-                   As a courtesy, the home team is responsible of drying the courts if there is a rain delay.

c-                   If teams are not able to resume play, they must reach an agreement as to a new encounter date and time.  THIS AGREEMENT MUST BE REACHED THAT SAME DAY.  This agreement must be signed by both captains and sent to the CTA/PRTA office via fax number 982-7783 by the Home Team Captain no later than 24 hours after the original scheduled day.

d-                   If the captains are unable to reach  an agreement, the time and day will be assigned by the League Coordinator.  This day and time will be final. 


One (1) point for each encounter won.  The team that has the greater amount of encounters won will go to the Sectionals as Team Number One.  In the case of a tie between teams, the following format will be used to determine the winner: 

1.                   Individual Matches - Winner of the most individual matches in the entire competition.

2.                   Sets - Loser of the fewest number of sets.

3.                   Games - Loser of the fewest number of games.

4.                   Head to Head - Winner of head to head match.


Order of play  

                Singles number 1

                Doubles number 1

                Doubles number 2

                Singles number 2

                Doubles number 3

 In the case of  Senior League these will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd doubles, in that order. 

A team that loses by default in two separate occasions will be sanctioned for the following year. 

Umpires – Captains who wish to have an umpire present at an encounter should call Mr. Eligio Román at 787 720-2718 or 787 637-1068 and reach an agreement as to the rate that will be charged.   This expense shall be the sole responsibility of the captain that requests this service.  As a courtesy, said captain must advise the opposing captain that an umpire will be present at their encounter. 

Schedule Dates - Last day to schedule and play matches: 

Senior League - April 20th

Adult League -  July 20th 

9.             Championships 

Eligibility - In order to be eligible to participate in the Sectional Championships, a player must have played a minimum of two matches during the regular league. 

Sectional Championships - Scorecards must be handed in to the Coordinator half an hour before the time stipulated for the encounter.  If not done, the encounter shall be defaulted in its entirety in favor of the other team.  The Team Captain is responsible for complying with this rule.  A minimum of four team members must be available and eligible to compete at these Championships.  

If a team wins the first three matches of an encounter, it must continue to play its final two matches to conclusion (in the case of Senior League, this would be the three doubles). 

When there is only one flight in a certain category, the team that comes in as Team number 1 will only have to defeat Team number 2 once, but the Team that comes in as Number 2, must defeat Team Number 1 twice in order to be declared the Sectional Champions. 

The USTA/Caribbean Section will fund the teams travelling to National Competitions with the following amounts: 

                3.0 to 4.5 categories - $1,600 per team

                2.5 & 5.0 categories - $1,000 per team

                senior teams - $960 per team 

If the winning team decides they will not travel to National Championships, they should notify the League Coordinator with sufficient time so as to give the runner up team the opportunity to travel. 

Trophies – The USTA/Caribbean Section will provide the following trophies:

Adult League 3.0 to 4.5                          10 trophies

Adult League 2.5 & 5.0                           6 trophies

Senior League                                         8 trophies 

Additional trophies will be ordered after the sectionals have been played.



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