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Caribbean Shines Again at the USTA National Championships 


PHOTOS -Results of 2018 National Championships



Last month, the Caribbean teams participated in the 2018 USTA National Championships - Adult Leagues, where they obtained excellent results in the four weekends of competition. So far Caribbean achieves 5 championships, 2 finalists and 3 third place in the leagues of 18, 40 and 55 years and over. Among the facilities of these Nationals are the National Campus in Florida, Las Vegas, Alabama and Texas. 

On November 9-11, the Championships continues with the Mixed 18 & over teams @ Alabama and in November 16-18 with the mixed 40 & over teams at Florida National Campus. Once again we want to congratulate everyone who participated in these achievements. The Caribbean has always distinguished for obtaining good results and this time it was no exception. To those who remain to participate we wish you much success.


Here are the results of the Caribbean at Nationals at the moment:


2018 USTA National Championships Results – Caribbean Section



October 5-7

18 & Over 5.0+ M

Caguas Samuel Ondina

3rd Place

18 & Over 4.0 M

Hacienda San José – Erick Ujaque







October 12-14

18 & Over 2.5 W

Torrimar – Jaidys Rossy


18 & Over 3.5 W

San Francisco – Mary Jo Méndez


18 & Over 3.0 M

Torrimar - Alberto Vidal


18 & Over 3.0 W

Baldrich - Héctor Báez




October 19 - 21

40 & Over 4.5+ M

Veredas – Samuel Ondina

3rd Place

55 & Over 6.0 W

Ocean Park – Aida Baerga






October 26-28

40 & Over 4.0 M

Paraíso – Moisés Viera


55 & Over 7.0 M

Montehiedra – Rubén Morales


55 & Over 7.0 W

Isla Verde – Jennifer Bates

3rd Place


40 and over Mixed Sectional Championships

translated article written by: Tatiana Rivera | Press Officer, Municipality of  Bayamón


On October 7, the Puerto Rico Tennis Center was flooded of recreational players seeking the 40 & over Mixed Sectional Championship in the categories of 6.0, 7.0 and 8.0.

Dozens of participants sought to achieve the championship because it gives them the opportunity to represent Puerto Rico in the Nationals of the United States Tennis Association (USTA).

In the most competitive category of the tournament, 8.0, the champions were the Dorado Beach East team captained by Leonardo Hormaza who dominated Héctor Báez's Baldrich 2 matches to 1.


The team of Bayamón led by Juan Reyes was lifted with the championship in the 7.0 category after beating 2 matches to 1 against the San Francisco team of Juan Rivera.

Finally, the 6.0 final, was in the hands of the San Francisco teams, winning the championship the team captained by Jennifer Rodriguez after beating 3-0 to María Suarez Team.

"We want to thank all those who make this event possible. To all the members of the Tennis Association, to all the players, to their relatives for the support, to the personnel of the Centro de Tenis Honda, in short story, thanks to all those who continue to support the sport and our events. We will continue working hard, thank you very much to all of you, "said Brenda Rivera, League Coordinator for USTA Caribbean.


Schedule 2018 USTA League National Championships (NOVEMBER)

November 9-11

Mixed 18 & Over (6.0/7.0/8.0/9.0/10.0) @ Alabama

November 16-18

Mixed 40 & Over (6.0/7.0/8.0/9.0) @ Florida


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