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Shortening Tournaments

March 12, 2010 03:35 PM

Shortening Tournaments

from page 115 2010 friends at court

Inclement weather, health concerns, or safety concerns may force the Referee

to take steps to shorten the tournament to keep the tournament on schedule,

including, but not limited to:

1. Switch to no-ad scoring. The Referee may switch to no-ad scoring for any

complete round.


Switch to 10-Point Match Tiebreak in lieu of final set or switch to pro sets.

The Referee may switch to the 10-PointMatch Tiebreak in lieu of a deciding

final set or to pro sets for any complete round


Strictly enforce pre-match warm-up time and breaks between sets.

4. Tighten court usage. Use “to be followed by” scheduling and have players

waiting at courtside as soon as matches finish.

5. Cancel matches.

a. Junior Divisions. Referees are encouraged to cancel matches in the

following order:

• consolation doubles;

• consolation singles;

• main draw doubles; and

• main draw singles.

If there is no practical way to finish an event, the Committee shall either make arrangements that are mutually agreeable to the players to finish at a later date,

or in the absence of such arrangements, declare the tournament event unfinished.



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